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Audio Conference Solution

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Our Features

An Audio Conference Bridge is a sophisticated technology which allows two or more users to conduct a meeting over any PSTN media. Voice Clearity Cloud based Audio Conference provides an excellent quality of voice with state of the art technology and maintenance free cloud setup.

Dial-in/Meet-Me Conference

Participants can join conference by Dialling DID Number

Dial-Out Conference

Moderator can reach participants by dialling out numbers.

Concurrent Conference

Multiple conferences can be held parallelly at the same time.

Lecture/Moderator/Interactive Modes

Provides various conference modes to serve the business needs.


Conference is secured with conference ID,PIN & Mobile authentication

Call Recording

Provision for optional recorder.


Voice Clearity has created a feature rich Audio conference solution . Our Audio conference solution having 2 type of concept to start conference , 1) Dial in conference 2) Dial out conference . Voice Clearity Audio conference is an ideal solution to host an instant and hassle free conferencing . Voice Clearity made a common platform to boost your productivity.

Telephones are widely accessible.

A number of offices these days provide each of their employee a dedicated line. Apart from email and instant messaging, organisation can also give a audio confrence login to their employee for doing thier confrence any time any where.

Multiple Party conference

Phone systems these days allow callers to call limited people. With our confrence Platform, user can allow multi party conference any where and any time form India or any where in India , This kind of conversation is pretty normal in businesses that have multiple locations.

Login without internet

Our cloud Based Conference Bridge allow the user to login form any where form India using any one without internet . Since this is TDM based solution , there is no dependency of internet to get conference login

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a basic mobile to join the conference?

Yes, you can use a basic mobile to join the conference.

Do we need to enter Conference ID and Pin Number every time ?

It’s not mandatory to login with Conference ID and Pin. Moderator can give access with either conference ID or Mobile number authentication

Can we conduct Parallel Conferences at the same time?

Yes, we can conduct Parallel Conferences at the same time in multiple Conference Rooms.

Please follow the below link to get the plan details.?

Please contact on our toll free number for commercial.

How do I ensure my conference is secure?

Conference is secured by Conference ID, Pin and Mobile Number authentication.

How do I cancel my paid subscription plan?

You can cancel your subscription at any point of time with 30days Notice..

Can I mute/unmute individual attendees?

You can mute /unmute individual attendees by going to monitoring screen.

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