Virtual Engagements v/s In person Engagements in B2B engagements

Since February 20 The Virtual modes Like Video and Audio meeting has added immense value B2B engagement ecosystem.

Various B2B product verticals like Education, Software & Technology ( SaaS, CpaaS) have benefited immensely from the medium.

The Education vertical has tried to fulfill the gap in personal touch of teachers with students. The schools, online teaching have added immense value to the student and teachers interactions. In schools and online teaching the teachers are continuing to have the reputation of stern and discipline image. As the Intelligence features embedded in Video conference has given them the edge of reporting as earlier. The new interaction feel may not be near to the class room but the reporting and analysis feature is helping them the class room feel. I think this is only vertical which have accepted the new normal.

But Even in Education and Online medium, Teachers are still to go very far to accept the new normal in contrary the Students have accepted the new normal.

Software and Technology vertical ( SaaS, CpaaS, CC ) tried best to adopt to the new engagement medium. The usage and support of product got good response via new medium. The value in usage and Revenue of existing product got good response and propelled the growth. As in Software vertical ( SaaS, CpaaS) the product features shelf line is short and hence the new product roll out and new initiatives are yet to adapt to the new Video engagements.

This has added more wait time for new product features. The best part is that the existing software development has developed a longer calendar for new features and are waiting for the new in person engagements to present to the B2B companies.

Manufacturing and hardware product B2B engagements– This vertical has hit the hardest and to the push the existing revenue and new initiatives. Any hardware and all manufacturing are part of the vertical ( Automobiles,Handsets, TV,s, Construction, Discoms and all manufacturing ) are part of this vertical. The servicing of the existing, Repeat demands and sales and new product development has taken a back seat. This is only vertical where the New Engagements medium Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing has added very less value.

The companies are in process of realizing the value addition of in person meetings and the traction has started back but with cautions and of course strict SOP guidelines.

Intra city in person engagements has come back and intercity engagements is gaining traction.

Yes, Video and Audio conference are workable ways to retain the revenue on existing product line the new initiatives and product revenue is yet to adapt to video engagements.

And most important the short frame engagements media ( As some of my friends nickname to video conferencing) the body language, personal persuasion expression and eye contacts are missing and impacting the revenue and future products.

Virtual Number solution

Virtual Numbers- Virtual numbers are the telecom operators Virtual mobile numbers (VMN), DID,s and Toll Free numbers where the Brand uses these for connecting with there customers.

Voice solutions companies are playing a important role as a aggregate for the telecom resources. Voice solution are like wrapper solution over and above telecom resources. As of my view telecom resources are back bone for voice and data solutions and the must for call through Then Voice solution add brain to the call flow and make the call Artificial Intelligent.

Virtual numbers are Virtual Mobile numbers (VMN) , Toll free and DID,,s. These are hosted at far end in Servers and customers are given panel for the detail analysis and Analytics intelligence and if required the live calls can be handed over to the Agents. Hence these are called as Virtual Numbers.

Virtual Numbers – These are Domestic and International that are hosted on Hosted servers and so these are virtual for Brands. On analysis of a product revenue of large voice and SAAS solution company Virtual Numbers product revenue share is between 35% to 40% of total Voice revenue.

  • Virtual numbers are Mobile numbers and Toll free hosted on servers. These number are published by Brand and hosted on servers.
  • The response on the Virtual numbers can be tracked by Brand on the Omni Panel.
  • The Miss call response data/ IVR response punch data can be tracked ion Omni panel.
  • Live Voice calls can be attended by Brand agents.
  • Pre calls/ Post calls Analytics logic’s can be built on Omni Panel.
  • Customer panel is given with username and password.
  • Brands can use these for Customer Experiences, Customer care and Feedback and lead generations and Advertisements and return on investments on various advertisements.
  • These are pre activated numbers and only solution is delivered on the Virtual numbers.

Case Study-

India,s largest Two wheeler Automobile company having approx. 6000 dealers to sell the two wheeler,s pan India. Marketing team wants to analyse the incoming leads on each Dealer for training purpose and increase the conversion and leads. They contacted a Large Voice SAAS company and discuss how they can collate the leads at each dealer and help to increase the lead conversion for automobile company. Voice company allocated the VMN ( Virtual mobile numbers) to each dealer. It recorded and analyse each incoming lead. Customers were motivated to respond on VMN in Each Campaign activity and in each city. The customer response were recorded on IVR for inbound and outbound responses of there agents and The marketing teams were able to analyse the data properly. Marketing Teams analysed the data.

Outcome of Case Study

Training and sales pitch were improved and followed accordingly based on the Intelligent call analysis from panel.

Lead conversion ratio improved.

Marketing team were able to get the quantified results on various campaigns.

Effectiveness of each campaign. ROI ( Return on investments on each campaign and media ( Regional ads v/s National Ads) Print v/s Visual Ads were mapped state wise and cost approved accordingly.

Case Study Suited for Business Verticals Like;

Customer Experiences companies with Regional centers for call handling, Lead generation companies for miss call alert, Feedback for the product and Marketing leaders who wants to know the Return on Investment on various modes of Marketing channels and cost being incurred are the best verticals companies to adapt to Virtual Numbers solution.

Virtual Numbers are the best tool for marketing professionals to add digitization and Intelligence analysis to marketing campaigns.

Click to Call – The Enterprises product of Voice Solution

Click to Call – The Enterprises product of Voice Solution

Big ticket revenue size customers are in

wishlist’s for every SAAS and Voice solutions

company.While discussing few actionable

with Founder of a SAAS organization

expending in Voice  solution. Product

Mix and development of stable API

play a important role for targeting

large tickets size Enterprises.

IVR, OBD, Virtual Number, C2C

and Toll free and API solutions are

Voice products apart from SMS/

Emailing. The ARP ( Average

Revenue of a Product ) differs variably

but each product is important and

highlights the innovative of Voice

 products and important for the cross

sell and revenue.

C2C and Virtual Numbers are favorites and Large revenue generating Voice products. Virtual numbers are VMN and Toll Free. Mostly Enterprises grade clients uses the C2C API solution and billed revenue are large. Usually the call to Agent is connected first and then Customer is connected and Agent and Customer call is patched.

C2C API- C2C API,s ( Click to Click) is originating two calls from OBD servers and patching these between Agent and Customer. On analysis of a product revenue of large voice SAAS company C2C product revenue share is between 40% to 50% and top 5 customers contributing 70% of this 50%.

  • C2C API can be integrated with Brand CRM.
  • All customer interactions and recording are available in panel and can be exported and imported from Brand CRM.
  • Analytics Intelligence for the call flow can be built and designed as per Brand requirements.
  • The Analytics logic’s for the Data base can be integrated with the call flow.
  • API for C2C have to be stable and least connecting time in milliseconds.
  • Options for Fix and Variable CLI in C2C.
  • Verticals like Feedback, Survey, short duration projects, and Lead conversion companies best suited to use C2C API.
  • Most of Voice companies have C2C mobile app also for better experience but the user experience is still low on Mobile apps.
  • C2C api can be used as call option widgets on websites.

Case Study C2C –

A large call center of a Insurance Aggregate with more then 1000 seater capacity is having best of CRM , Agents and Lead conversion. Enhancing Agent,s productivity is foremost KRA. The call centers usually have limited CLI and channels for OBD and limited infrastructure. Scaling the Telecom Infrastructure at shorter notice is also limited for call centers. The tagging of the lead conversion call centers as Spam also brings the call connectivity ratio and it takes a toll on agent,s productivity.

The Voice companies are the biggest aggregate for telecom infrastructure SIP and Pri. Voice companies shared infrastructure and large CLI and channels pool are best suited for large call centers. The CLI can be fixed and variable as per need of the Brand.

The complement strength of Call center infrastructure and Voice companies C2C telecom infrastructure will certainly help in increasing the Agents productivity.