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Our Features

Voice Clearity Provide solution in call center to suites your need.We offer two type of Call center solution
Cloud bases Call centre Solution
On Premise Call Center.
All solutions have been built to optimize efficiency whether your business needs a blended call center, inbound call center, or an outbound call center. The solution can be customised /integrated with Third Party CRM/ LMS or any other platform as per the customer need with minimum time and cost .

Call Center Analytics Dashboard

Create customized reports and observe call trends and agents’ performance on your Call Center solutions dashboard and draw business insights to enhance your agents’ productivity.

Monitoring Toll

All Call Center resources like agents, Servers,
Calls, Campaign can be monitored live.

Handle Large Call Volumes

Our Cloud Call Center Solution can handle any kind of call volume , routing the calls to the next available agent. Not only does it reduce the waiting time of a caller, it also provides quick solutions.

Call Center Solution Mobile App

Our mobile app enables you to manage your entire business communication right from your palm! Hear incoming or
outgoing calls and track numbers as per requirement.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Assignment of calls to the agents, so that each agent gets equal call load.

Easy CRM Integration

Integrate cloud call center software with all the leading CRMs and manage your customers in a much more refined manner. Get customized dashboard and reports.

Cloud Based Call Center

VCC cloud based call center software (also commonly known as a hosted contact center) is a customer service operation with all the basic elements of a contact center solution provided as a network service, without the need of on-premise hardware. A high degree of performance and security is offered on our cloud based call center

On Premise Call Center

Need to maintain your call center within your premises? Because we’ve built our tech stack up from scratch, our on-prem & private cloud solution can give you the control you need and ensure the compliance you require.


Simplify inbound and outbound customer interactions on our single-window call center software with agents distributed at multiple locations. Our solution is suitable for Incoming & Outgoing Process, IVR Enabled Contact Centers, Customer Service Agency, BPO,KPO, Debt Collection, Insurance Marketing, Customer Surveys and Loyalty Programs.

Cloud Based Call Center

Cloud solution no hardware & software

Instant Set-Up and Activation

No Equipment Required

Opex Model no investment

Flexible IVR solution

IVR Systems Helps Business Scale

Smart Routing configuration

On Premise Call Center

On Premise-best suited for Big Call Center

Easy setup with multiple integration

Customer provided server & equipment

Highly secure access

No Data injection

Voice Encryption

All Dialler with the solutions

Voice Clearity: The most powerful Text & Voice solution provider is just one call away from you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Call Center software?

Call center software is a solution that helps a call center to manage its operations therefore increase the efficiency, effectiveness and get the best productivity from call center agents. Call center agents can access the right information and knowledge about a customer's history to improve the overall customer experience.

What is the benefit of call center software?

Call Center software serves as a backbone of customer communication. It helps to increase overall productivity and enables agent to handle both incoming and outgoing calls in an efficient manner. It also enables easy tracking of calls for quality of service.

What is ACD in a call center software?

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD, is a module commonly available in a call center software. It is a business logic to distribute incoming calls to contact center agents or employees with specific skills to handle a large volume of inbound calls.

What is meant by Auto dialling / Predictive Dialling in a call center dialler?

The predictive dialler predicts, when an agent will be free to take the call. Predictive Dialler in a call center software, dials the call for an agent before he is free, to make sure that he gets a call just after finishing exiting call. Thus ensuring agent is busy most of the time and get more productivity.

How do I Manage multiple IVR in VCC call center software?

VCC call center software allows user to create multiple IVR and Sub-IVR in an easy to operate GUI

What do you mean by dynamic CRM in VCC call center solution?

VCC call center solution has an inbuilt module where user can create his/her custom CRM template as per process requirement. Same will pop-up on agent screen when a call is given to the Call Center Agent.

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