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Our Features

Voice Clearity provides technology including the latest call processing systems and services. Voice Clearity specializes in cloud based technology including interactive voice response (IVR) & Customised interactive voice response as per the customer need. Whether your organization needs to purchase an IVR system or utilize hosted IVR services, Voice Clearity can develop a custom IVR solution that meets your phone answering requirements. Voice Clearity's experienced development team can design, program, test and install your phone application quickly and have it in place within a short period of time.

Simple and economical

Engage your customers by targeting popular mediums
of marketing with our cost effective service .

Unified Platform

Provides Common platform for Voice/SMS

Live Assistance

Our IVR system work smartly with you as per your need
VCC IVR solutions is so easy to use that it promotes self
service for customers also it automatically routes to a live
agent for more complex or sensitive issues.

All the insights you need

Our dashboard includes all infromation you need to manage your business, include call volume, cost and call records. You can also access the data via an API.

Real time event data

Voice API delivers real time event data to your application that you can use to better understand your business

Web Management

Web browser based access for easy configuration and management.


Voice Clearity Cloud based solution combines industry-leading technology and proven platform to create an all-in-one modern IVR application. Whether you need basic call routing, proactive outbound communications, or inbound self-service, we have you covered.

Delights Customers

By automatically routing a call to the right agent at the right time, your customer support process will naturally make customers happier and be more efficient. - an IVR system can route your callers to the most qualified agent.

Saves Time for Everyone

Customers have a need for speed. They want questions answered and product information delivered fast. An IVR system with custom-built menus can expedite incoming calls, accurately route callers, or even schedule a call back. if necessary. Also, with an IVR backed with unlimited incoming calls, calls never go unanswered.

Reduces Costs

That’s real cost savings. Not only do businesses save on personnel, productivity is increased because staff can focus on resolving real issues or making sales to qualified buyers.

Voice Clearity: The most powerful Text & Voice solution provider is just one call away from you

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Instantly Activate Your Own Customize IVR Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an IVR work?

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows businesses to enable their customers to self serve by configuring multiple IVR options. For example – a Bank IVR can configure multiple self-serve options like – Press 1: Know Your Balance; Press 2: Credit card related Information; Press 3: Demat account related information; Press 4: Current account related information; Press 5: Talk to Agent; Press 6: Go back to previous menu.

Can I Design my own IVR?

Yes, VCC platform allows you to design your own interactions and call flows using a simple, easy to use drag and drop tool. VCC platform also help you to configure ACD nodes additionally helping with call distribution to Agents.

What is an IVR Blaster?

An IVR blaster is primarily used to collect customer feedback and send bulk notifications to customers. For instance, after an order is delivered, an automated call is place to the customer asking them to rate their experience like Press 1 for 'poor' or Press 5 for 'satisfactory' and so on.

IVR System Costs?

IVR costing depend on the scope of customer need and requirement

How do IVR systems work?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a technology which allows incoming callers to navigate a phone system before talking to a human operator. IVRs work with DTMF tones — touch tones from a telephone — and some have voice recognition or even artificial intelligence to respond to and route callers.

Why is IVR important?

Enhancing mobile customer experiences IVR is therefore ideal for customers on the go, allowing them to reach out for support even when they are in-store. For this reason, IVR plays an important role in boosting sales, as potential customers are more likely to purchase when their questions are answered efficiently

What is dynamic IVR?

A dynamic IVR system is one that changes the call flow based on explicit or implicit context provided by the caller. Having identified a customer, this dynamic IVR technology can then connect with a CRM or other contact center systems to analyse previous interactions and adapt the flow accordingly.

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