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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us some advantages on Toll free Vs Virtual Number solution?

There are many diffrence in both the products. Vitual number is 10 Digit number where calling party can dail the number and applicable charges form the operator shall be applicable for the calling party where as in toll free, calling party shall not be charged but reciver of the call shall be billed on his behalf.

What is time line for activation of services ?

Tipically it take 3-4 Days for activation of services

Can I use my exisitng Number also?

Yes you can use your exisitng number for the services , you have to susbcribe our cloud services only

Can I get the VMN / Toll Free number in my name if I want to move form your services ?

Yes, In case in future you want to take the owner ship of the number in your , we will issue a NOC to change the ownership of number .

Do I need to provide special documentation to get an Indian business phone number?

There are no special documentation requirements to get toll free or local virtual numbers in India.

What are the payment terms ?

It is yearly Advance.

Is the offered free call Value is carry forward?

Yes it is possible to carry forward your monthly free call value.

Do I need to pay you more after free call value finished?

After free call value finished you have to recharge your account with the help of our team .

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